Murci at the Sayers Club

I freakin love this band. Muric reminds me of good 80s pop music combined with the great music going on now. I caught this show at the Sayers Club in Hollywood. He does a great live show! Muric is really composed of two people Pablo Murcia and Curt Barlage. Pablo has a degree in musical theater so he already has brownie points from me. Curt is from one of my favorite bands that broke up a couple years ago The Bixby Knolls.  Check out this song Please Pressure.

Check out their Spotify

Eagle Rock Gospel Singers at the Bootleg Theatre

The lead singer is just a badass. I love watching this band play live. The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers put on an amazing show. William Wadsworth has got ants in his pants and is killin it the whole time. The lady’s in the group have great harmony’s and raise the spirituality of the room to the next level.  Not sure what the name of this song is.

Checkout their Spotify



Nicholas Mudd at the Love Song Bar

I caught Nicholas Mudd at the Love Song bar this past Saturday. That guy has a great voice and some really good music. He’s definitely one of my favorite local country artist. I believe he is about to record an album. My iphone did not like the weird lighting they had in there. 🙂 But it was a great show.

Naked Giants at Harvard & Stone Bar

Okay these guys have a crap load of energy. They know how to put on a show! Naked Giants are from Seattle and I caught their show at Harvard and Stone Bar in East Hollywood while they were on tour. The name of this song is Ya Ya i’m guessing it was one of their singles.

Gun Hill Royals at the Escondite

One of my favorite bands in LA, The Gun Hill Royals! I caught their show at the Escondite in Downtown LA. The lead singer Kyle has a great voice, and the lead guitarist is outstanding. I think the name if this song is Sunshine. If you get a chance make sure you catch one of their shows.